Carmichael Ave: Custom Modern Home Build

We’re excited to finally share pictures of one of our favourite customer’s project. The Rahimi brothers came into our showroom and consulted with Jodi for their custom home build. At Castle Kitchens, we are able to help all customers including builders with meeting their budget and providing them with great designs for their end customer. We worked closely with the builder duo by looking after their project from design to installation. The final outcome was a design that ensured the best layout, balance, proportion, symmetry, designed to suit the style of the property. Our kitchen design team was a great resource for our customers with regard to mechanical and electrical input, colours, appliance selection, accessory suggestions, etc. We provide overall design services! The project features walnut accents all throughout the house that help add warmth into a modern space allowing it be welcoming.

Castle Kitchens was ultimately able to provide great design at great value to allow for a great return on the builders project. We look forward to showcasing another project with Rahimi brothers that we are currently working on soon for 2017, so stay tuned!

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